Doby Solutions - Engineering

Doby Verrolecs Specialised Engineering Services Department has been developed as a direct result of customer demand. With over 50 years of in-house experience in roll tool and machine design and building experience for its own use and recent customer requests have lead to the formation of Specialised Engineering Services Business.

We are now able to provide our customers with a unique service. In addition to being able to develop customers ideas into a reality by working closely with them at all stages we are able to understand and deliver our clients requirements with confidence, whilst ensuring the most cost-effective principles are applied. The customer has also the option to have tooling or machinery designed and built for their own production or to subcontract the production to Doby Verrolecs own in-house production facility. Full Product and design confidentiality are maintained at all stages with formal agreements being in place to protect all parties. This flexible approach to manufacturing provides the customer with multiple options to satisfy the varied demands of their business and where required a mixed approach can also be adopted.

 Production of high precision, close tolerance parts, tooling or machinery requires highly qualified specialists. Our design engineers, toolmakers and machinists at Doby Verrolec are experts in their respective fields and make a decisive contribution to the high level of quality of our products and the services we offer. Each project begins with a customer idea, which is then developed in close collaboration and finally realised on state of the art machinery. Versatility of our purpose built manufacturing facility allows us the flexibility of producing cold rolled pre-pierced and post pierced sections in a wide range of materials or being able to provide stand alone equipment, designed and built in-house, approved by the customer both as equipment and the designed product prior to delivery, then fully installed and commissioned on the customers premises.

Doby Verrolec customers can be assured of the quality of service by them being awarded BS EN ISO 9001 certification and their commitment to the environment is evident with them being awarded of BS ISO EN 14001.

Please contact our sales office for full details of Specialised Engineering Services Department or or via our contact form.