Custom Profiles & Pressings

Doby Verrolecs Engineering Services Division produces Customer specific Rollformed Profiles and Pressed Components. Our well-established experience in the metal forming industry ensures that we understand and deliver our customers’ requirements with confidence, whilst ensuring that the most cost effective principles are applied.

The production of high-precision, close tolerance parts require highly qualified specialists. The design engineers, toolmakers and machinists at Doby Verrolec are experts in their respective fields, making a decisive contribution to the high level of quality of our custom profile products. The versatility of our purpose designed custom profile manufacturing facility allows us the flexibility of producing cold rolled pre-pierced and post pierced sections in a wide range of materials. With press capacities up to 200 tonnes available to customers, a vast range of components can be produced, our in-house tooling and design facility provides customers with the ultimate flexibility.

Customer confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. The flexibility of our manufacturing capabilities is evident from the wide range of niche markets in which we operate, for example, the automotive industry, office furniture, storage systems, construction and the building sector, where we have established a strong reputation and competitive edge.

Please contact our sales office for more about our custom profiles service.